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The Trapeze Artist: Leading Your Team in Navigating Change

As a kid, I loved going to the circus and watching the trapeze artists. You’ve probably seen them, too—limber, athletic men and women who bravely let go of one bar, sail through the air, catch another bar (or another trapeze artist!) and continue gliding above the audience’s heads as if they can fly.

I like to think of navigating change as a trapeze act. If you’re a leader, you’re overseeing a team; and chances are, you’ve already had to help your team navigate some change. Right now, your team is swinging on bars in one location—they have systems, passions, goals, and relationships that are familiar. It’s brave of them to even be on the bar at all. But chances are, you see more opportunity across the way, and you’re trying to bring everybody along with you.

What we do as leaders when we navigate change is, we basically tell our teams, “Hey, I know you’re comfortable on this bar, going back and forth. But over there...

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Inviting Authenticity

Eliminating the Need for Camouflaging in Your Organization

My mom is a very strong leader and a strong personality. She’s amazing. She ran the praise team at our church; played piano; organized the kids music — I mean, she did a lot. But I vividly remember that, whenever she had to get up and give an announcement about the praise team practice, or something for Awana…something strange would happen.

My mom is a loud woman, like me: she talks with her hands, has a big smile, possesses a loud voice…you can hear her laugh across the room. She would get up with the microphone, and softly croon in an overly-sweet tone, “It’s so good to be here this morning. And I’m so glad to talk to you.”

This different person was happening up there! She was camouflaging. Camouflaging is a phenomenon that happens when a woman senses that her environment calls for “good women” to display certain traits and actions. She adapts by hiding her true...

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