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Decreasing Competition

How Recruiting More Female Leaders Actually Leads to Less Competition

Over the decades, women have gotten a bad reputation for being competitive. Think of the comedies you’ve seen involving women who work together: they may have cat fights; a queen bee might rise up, who monopolizes leadership and doesn’t help anyone else; rarely do we see portrayals of female leaders working together in harmony.

This really isn’t representative of the real world — especially in today’s age. In reality, these stereotypes and challenges aren’t based on leaders being women. Instead, they’re based on being a minority. Think about it: when resources and opportunities are scarce, there will naturally be competition. That’s true for men, women, young, and old.

Women who are one of the only female leaders in their organization know that they have to grasp opportunities while they have the chance. They may not often get the chance to lead, to be promoted, or...

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Communication Cues: Men vs. Women

You’re probably aware that men and women communicate differently; this is a well-known truth. Often, however, we don’t take time to consider exactly how men and women communicate differently. When we look at communication styles on a specific level, we find that the cues each gender uses differ significantly.

What does this look like in a workplace setting? Let’s take a standard meeting as an example. If a man is in front of his colleagues, communicating, he likely has men and women listening. Each audience member will be different; but on the whole, male and female listeners will contribute to the conversation in gender-specific ways.

A woman listening in will communicate her attention by nodding, and saying things like, “Yes, I understand.” She may even interrupt and say, “That’s exactly what I was thinking!” She’s going to give lots of positive affirmation. She wants the speaker to know that, even if she doesn’t agree...

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