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Inviting Authenticity

Eliminating the Need for Camouflaging in Your Organization

My mom is a very strong leader and a strong personality. She’s amazing. She ran the praise team at our church; played piano; organized the kids music — I mean, she did a lot. But I vividly remember that, whenever she had to get up and give an announcement about the praise team practice, or something for Awana…something strange would happen.

My mom is a loud woman, like me: she talks with her hands, has a big smile, possesses a loud voice…you can hear her laugh across the room. She would get up with the microphone, and softly croon in an overly-sweet tone, “It’s so good to be here this morning. And I’m so glad to talk to you.”

This different person was happening up there! She was camouflaging. Camouflaging is a phenomenon that happens when a woman senses that her environment calls for “good women” to display certain traits and actions. She adapts by hiding her true...

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