"I've had the privilege of working with world class creative thinkers and leaders in my career and Kadi Cole is one of the best.  She captivates as a communicator, develops teams, processes intuitively and leads organizationally with great wisdom. Do yourself a favor, and apply what she says."

Michael Neale, Worship Pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Dallas TX

Multi-Dove Award Winning Songwriter, National Best-Selling Author of THE RIVER

“Think Leadership; Think Kadi Cole. She is the embodiment of leadership.

Having partnered closely with her for nine years I can testify that she made me a better leader.  Working from the second seat she initiated strategies to keep our eyes on the mission - all driven by the development of leaders. At first view one may mistakenly think she was just good at recruiting volunteers.  Not so - she was recruiting, training and placing the next generation of church leaders. Lest I be disingenuous, once God moved me to a ministry in Virginia, I did everything possible to add her to my team.  (God had other plans.)  I heartily recommend one of the finest leaders I've ever been privileged to lead/follow.”

Dr. Doug Randlett, Senior Assoc Pastor, Thomas Road Church, Lynchburg VA

Associate Professor of Religion, Liberty University, Lynchburg VA

“Now, more than ever, organizations need a compass to set the course for strong and competent leadership. Kadi Cole has the ability to help individuals and organizations navigate the stormy waters of leadership.  Not only has Kadi experienced the day-to-day rewards and worries of leadership, she has been a life-long student of what it takes to move, motivate and manage teams.  I have personally benefited from her leadership coaching over the years.  Kadi has the rare gift to listen deeply, challenge intentionally, and lead people towards their natural gifts and talents.  I have watched her take those rare skills and develop an educational curriculum to expand the development of other leaders.  She has now wrapped a career of experience and insights into a comprehensive leadership development system accessible to everyone.  I am eager to finally have a tool I can pass on to my health care clients as they transform great clinicians into great leaders.”

Karen McNenny, Speaker, Trainer, Coach for CEO's, Executives and Workteams

Specializes in rural healthcare systems within the Northwest

“Kadi Cole is one of the most gifted leaders I know.  It was a privilege to serve under her leadership in creating Kaleo.  She is a visionary and a strategist.  She imagines what can be and should be, with the ability to lead others to make these innovative ideas & visions a reality.  I believe any church or organization that has the desire and passion to develop leaders will benefit tremendously from Kadi's experience and perspective.”

Sarah Grace Wall, EQUIP Board Member

Former Director of International Missions

“Developing spiritual leaders is a daunting task in today’s culture.  Kadi Cole brings a rare set of life experiences, intellectual gifts, academic equipping and cultural sensitivity to this process.  Over the last several years she has led KALEO, a School of Biblical Leadership as part of Christ Fellowship Church. Hundreds of men and women have seen their lives transformed through this experience.  Kadi has now taken the principles and processes integral to the success of KALEO and made them available to others.  The heart of it all is found in Kadi herself, who is a godly woman and a spiritual leader.”

Pastor Don Bray, Former Executive Director of The Wesleyan Church