Developing Female Leaders

Kadi's current project! We are looking for female leaders within the church (either volunteer or staff) who are willing to anonymously share their experiences and perspective about what churches can do better to develop female leaders. If you are willing to share a bit of your story, please fill out our survey!

Sticky Note Leadership

As a leader, are you overwhelmed? Are you working hard to bring out the best in your team but they just don’t seem to “get it”? Are you feeling overworked and wondering if this is even worth it? Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, educator, manager, coach, pastor, or parent, Sticky Note Leadership can help you empower your team by “doing less and leading more”.

In this pioneering book, Kadi Cole shares what she has learned from coaching leaders for the past twenty years and provides a simple 5-step road map that you can begin implementing today. Using the power of story, Kadi engages readers with keen insights, practical ideas, and timeless leadership principles in a powerful system that can help anyone learn to lead at a higher level. Stop running in circles and start Sticky Note Leadership!