Kadi’s Newest Book!
Developing Female Leaders

If you're like most church leaders, you feel the tension between the vision God has called you to fulfill and the number of leaders helping you get there.

Within the first chapter of my book, Developing Female Leaders, we’ll begin to discuss how to navigate the minefields of recruiting and developing leaders. Our passion is to empower you to make a difference in your church, and in the women who serve alongside you. That’s exactly what Developing Female Leaders will help you do!


Kadi’s Inner Circle

Kadi Cole’s Inner Circle is an exclusive community designed to help you “lift your lid” and move into the next level of your calling. Inner Circle members enjoy free leadership resources, regular teaching sessions from Kadi, and access to some of the top voices in ministry leadership. Inner Circle members are also the first to know about exciting news and developments! If you’re ready to take your next step into a strong, healthy community, become an Inner Circle member!


Developing Female Leaders Accelerator

You’ll take part in a world-class virtual masterclass, and learn more about what it means to be a woman in leadership, as well as to support women in leadership. This masterclass will provide information and insight about the issue of female leadership in the church today, and empower you to begin fruitful conversations with those in your circle!

The masterclass comes with a copy of Kadi’s newest book, Developing Female Leaders, a corresponding study guide, a video curriculum, and much, much more.


Theological Cheat Sheet on Women Leading in the Church

Are you trying to navigate the minefield about women leading in ministry? This free companion guide to Kadi’s book, Developing Female Leaders, will help you understand the various theological viewpoints of women leading in church, home and community.


Kadi’s Interview with Carey Nieuwhof - Episode 253

In this podcast titled “The New Rules for Men and Women in the Workplace and Creating A Culture that Leverages Female Leaders…Regardless of Your Theology,” Kadi and Carey explore the research from Kadi’s book along with the unique dynamics of men and women leading together in their workplace and churches.



"The "Sticky Floor" concept centers around how female leaders often hold themselves back from reaching their full potential. Take our Sticky Floor Assessment to discover how to move forward into your unique calling!"

Sticky Note Leadership
5 Simple Steps to DO LESS and LEAD MORE

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, educator, manager, coach, pastor or parent, Kadi shares what she has learned from the past twenty years coaching leaders in a simple, 5-step road map that you can begin implementing today. Sticky Note Leadership is designed to help you develop and empower your teams so that you can “do less, and lead more.”


Ministry Chick Facebook Community

If you are a female leading in ministry of any kind and at any level, this Facebook Community Group is for you! One of the biggest challenges for women who lead is having enough female role models and personal support. We are growing community of cheerleaders, friends, advice-givers, encouragers and all-around smart, godly women who are committed to helping each other fully fulfill all the callings God has given us. This is a private, closed group, but we want you to be a part of it, so please request membership!


Kadi’s Perspective on the Multisite Movement - Episodes: 29-31

In this podcast hosted by Jimmy Scroggins, Lead Pastor of Family Church in South Florida, Kadi shares her knowledge, thoughts and insights about the current state of the church multisite movement, some of the tensions and challenges multisite can bring to a staff team, and key factors any church should consider before going multisite or continuing to launch more campuses.


Hear a Bit of Kadi’s Personal Story - Episode 017: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

In this podcast hosted by Dawn Sadler, Kadi talks about how she discovered God’s purpose of her life not in spite of, but because of, a series of tragedies that she walked through in a specific season of her life. Kadi’s story is filled with warmth, wisdom, resilience and humor. As a Leadership Coach, she also offers practical advice about what to do when we feel stuck or as though our dreams have been put on hold.


Join Kadi for a 12-month intensive leadership development experience for female church leaders

The Developing Female Leaders Group is a 1-year, cohort-based program designed to help women in higher levels of church leadership accelerate their growth through mentorship by seasoned ministry leaders, networking with fellow women in ministry, and learning from some of the country’s most effective church leadership teams.


Kadi brings passion and dedication to everything she does. When I look back at the people and ministries over the past 16 years that carry her “fingerprints,” I know we are a stronger and better church because of her leadership. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use her to help other churches and leaders.

Dr. Todd Mullins
Lead Pastor, Christ Fellowship Church


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